Prismatic Journal

Prismatic—Issue 5; 2021

Past Issues

Previous issues can be found below along with a summary of their content.

Issue 4, 2021

Prismatic Issue 4:

  • Sustainable improvements not silver bullets
  • ZERO—Invisible, implicit AND important
  • Lessons from lockdown: How did whānau experience home-learning of maths?
  • PhD profile: Dr John Griffith Tupouniua
  • From the classroom: Holiday challenge
  • On the web: MOTAT’s Inenga
Issue 3, 2020

Prismatic Issue 3:

  • The role of mathematics and statistics in an unknown future
  • Using show and tell software to create, solve and share story problems within and behond the pāngarau classroom
  • Mathematical processes—Visibility in the curriculum
  • On the web: Virtual manipulatives
  • From the classroom: Revisiting the Tangram
  • Mathematical experiences of short-term international students in Aotearoa New Zealand
  • PhD profile: Dr Gillian Frankcom-Burgess
Issue 2, 2020

Prismatic Issue 2:

  • Wave after wave or mathematics reform: Are we throwing the baby out with the bathwater?
  • You want to make a real difference to your learners’ mathematics: Research says to try this!
  • On the web: CODAP
  • From the classroom: Pixel Art
  • Schools’ use of online maths instructional programs
  • PhD profile: Dr Pania Te Maro
Issue 1, 2019

Prismatic Issue 1:

  • Mathematics in the NZC: Is it enough?
  • How is school mathematics represented in young adult fiction?
  • On the web: The Parallel Project
  • From the classroom: Disappearing decimals
  • Home-school partnerships in mathematics
  • PhD profile: Posing statistical questions with Dr Pip Arnold